Born on July 6th, 1993 in St. Paul, Minnesota and creating art since 2009, Reagan is significantly influenced by van Gogh, Picasso, Mid-Century artists and Expressionism. Reagan has a passion for color, texture and the simplicity of an image. His work is expressive and inventive while innocent and sophisticated at the same time.  The sumptuous,  unexpected array of color in Reagan's work, suggests the artist's relationship to synesthesia. Bright, electric color infuses his images as do short lines he defines as 'tick marks". Reagan's favorite subjects are portraits –both people and animals. The subjects of Reagan’s portraiture often depict a clear, sometimes striking, direct gaze. Eye contact is an interesting and reoccurring theme. Diagnosed with complex autism at age 2 1/2, Reagan's work offers him a means to illustrate his perspective of the world. Reagan is a true outsider artist as he has no formal training. However, art is in his blood as he is the great nephew of acclaimed New York artist George Schneeman.

James W. ReagaN II


The Crew 

Patrick Reagan 

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Patrick is the man behind the media. Co-Founder at SSQTCH Creative, Patrick manages web and content development. In addition, Patrick works closely with Peggy to develop new and creative products at TJE Fashion.  

Peggy Reagan 

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Peggy is founder and CEO of Through Jimmy's Eyes. She curates all artwork domestically and internationally, while developing a growing line of designer accessories at TJE fashion. 

The Merchandise


International outsider artist James W. Reagan II (Jimmy) paints his masterpiece, which sets the groundwork for every accessory that we manufacture.

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When Jimmy puts the final touches on his artwork, it's off to the scanner. The scans are processed and converted into wearable fashion forward art.  

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Processed scans are sent to the factory to be transformed into the final art that you get to enjoy.

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